Tae Hatayama, Art Director/Graphic Designer


I’ve been working as a design professional for over 15 years. As a native Japanese living in the US, I refer to my multicultural background as the root of my aesthetics. I take a fresh approach to each project, and I draw inspiration from our communications and keeping an open mind for new possibilities.

Since graduating from the Academy of Art of University in San Francisco, I never stopped pushing forward and refining my skills. I believe that excellent design inspires feelings, communicates clearly, and timeless. 


My goal is to find the perfect balance of functionality and beauty to express clients’ identities, beliefs, and goals.


Neato Robotics, Penguin System, Duvateen Sound, Twitter*, Bluescape*


Stanford University*,  Samuel Merritt University*,  Berkeley City College*, Cengage*, Center for Ocean Solution*


City of San Francisco*, City of Palo Alto*,  San Mateo County*, City of Elk Grove,* 


Manoa Honey & Mead, The Honey Bee Company,
Esoteric Magic Farm, Ravenswood Winery*, Larkspur Hospitality*,


SkinSpirit, Bay Area Optometry, Annie Chen LMFT, Rockin Jump

Non Profit

East Bay SPCA*


Shelby Designs & Illustrates, Atomic D, RHDG, BrowneMusser,
Bakken Creative Co., Bakken Whitaker Branding, Zeno Group


* Client work through agencies.

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